As part of an award-winning contest, the Marpole Business Association asked community residents and shoppers about what Marpole meant to them. Some of the responses were striking: hidden jewel, historic, village, friendly, affordable west-side, safe, neighbourly, gateway to Vancouver, well-serviced shopping area, home.

“Aside from the curling rink that attracts a few hipsters, Marpole hasn't had a cool destination spot since the long-gone original White Spot. Henriquez, the city's busiest architect, has been watching the nascent district for a while: "There was a need to get real body heat into the neighbourhood in order for Marpole to survive" he says.” — VanMag

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Marpole Food

Tasting Plates Puts Marpole on the Foodie Map

The first ever Tasting Plates Marpole event on Wednesday, March 30th, was a hit with local and visiting foodies alike.

The event was promoted by local food writer Richard Wolak of Vancouver Foodster. Tasting Plates eating tours have been held in neighbourhoods throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

The Marpole BIA was a contributing sponsor, as were the four particiapting merchants: Gigi Blin, Bonjour Marketplace, Pho Cafe MaiMai, and The Yard Cafe.

More than 70 curious foodies from far and wide came for a three-hour walkabout and tasting tour of these four fabulous Marpole eateries.

The menu featured an incredible selection of craft beers, organic teas, vegetable soup and noodles, spicy pho and spring rolls, espresso affogato and pastries, and pasta with organic tomato sauces.

Many participating suppliers joined in with highlighted tastings, including Granville Island Brewing, Kids Can Cook, Cafe Umbria Coffee, Golden Leaf Tea, Au Natural, and Fuggles & Warlock Brewing.

Special thanks to the owners of Gigi Blin, Bonjour Marketplace, Pho Cafe MaiMai, The Yard Cafe, and Richard Wolak for supporting this great event in Marpole.